Love Trees, Assorted Set Of Valentine's Day Notecards - AM3185VDG

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Nature lovers and human lovers will be sure to come together over these colorful, beautiful, bountiful, loving Valentine's Day cards. Gorgeous trees with pink, purple and black trunks are artistically and magnificently pictured blooming and blossoming with glorious, glowing, shimmering, throbbing red, pink and purple heart-shaped leaves against bright white backgrounds. Ensure that your special loved one gets the awesome, vibrant, pleasing card she or he so gratefully deserves on the most romantic day of the year by gifting them one of the breathtaking, throbbing, growing missives in this marvelous collection.

These unique note cards are packaged in a complementary-themed set featuring carefully edited, gallery-quality assorted images, each different yet closely related. We offer a broad collection of everyday and seasonal designs, presented in a wide variety of artistic styles. Available with a greeting, this versatile note card set is printed in the U.S. on high-quality, recycled stock featuring a visual reference of the entire series contained within. They look great framed, too! Try framing them individually, or grouping several in a collage frame, to create visually appealing wall décor.

20 Assorted Note Cards Branches Bearing Hearts with White 4 x 5.25" Envelopes.

Postage required: Standard First-Class mail.

Greeting Text:
Happy Valentine's Day!
Card Dimensions:
4" x 5.125"
Pack Count:
2 each of 10 designs