Single Cards

"If you've got a really vast and varied collection of close friends, family members and coworkers, or just a few really weird and eccentric best buds, relatives and workmates, then you'll want to peruse the great greetings and purchase the clever cards in this tremendous collection of Birthday Single Cards. There's something for everyone on your B-Day notecard gifting list; diverse, distinct and different year-older recognition missives that you can coordinate with your special pals', relations' and colleagues' unique personalities and particular characters. If you can't find just the right garrulous or gorgeous greeting for that hard-to-match card-recipient, well then … maybe go through the massive, memorable and mirthful selection again, because you may've just missed something.

All of the B-Day greeting cards in this extra-large grouping share a few things in common, however, like creativity, colorfulness, charm and good cheer. There are lovely, yummy, cake-laden sixteenth, eighteenth, twenty-first, thirtieth, fortieth, fiftieth, sixtieth, seventieth, eightieth, ninetieth and one hundred years old celebratory cards, all with differently decorated and iced delicious birthday cakes. There are cute and funny ""BOO"" Day greetings from the world's cutest dog, funky rainbow animals, punny food missives, glorious and touching flower filled greetings, and balloon, gem, cat, frog, yoga, owl, ladybug and steampunk designs, as well. Even Birthday best wishes specifically for Mom and Dad, and all the bodacious broads in your life. There's just no way you won't find just the perfect birth date commemoration card to superbly suit a special someone you know marking another year on the calendar, when you scroll through this immense gathering of varied, very hilarious and verily marvelous Birthday greeting cards."