Single Cards

"No two moms are alike. That's why no two greeting cards in The Best Card Company's Mother's Day Single Card collection are the same. There are touching, tender and flower-filled cards; there are cute, cuddy, warm and fuzzy puppy and kitten cards; there are arts and crafty, creative cards showcasing retro images of shoes, playing cards and steampunk cats on parchment Victorian printed paper; and there are humorous and hilarious cards displaying a woman juggling colorful balls on a high-wire and one writ all over with witty words. There are even M-Day greeting cards honoring Grandma and Spanish-language speaking mamas of Hispanic heritage, in this sensational selection.

Although some wise-acre children will claim that Mother's Day is every single day of the year in their household, the official holiday is actually the second Sunday in May, recognized in the United States since 1914. It came about as a result of the organizing and petitioning efforts of Anna Jarvis, from 1908 onward, who wanted to honor her mother and the contributions of all mothers and the glory of motherhood in general. Today, grateful siblings and only children and step-children, happy husbands and partners, admiring friends and other family members, celebrate Mom's big day with gifts of candy, chocolates, flowers, perfume and clothing, and by taking the lady of the hour shopping, malling, picnicking, treating her to breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner, or by letting her relax and enjoy the occasion while everyone else attends to her needs and does the household chores for a change. And, of course, all those who consider themselves lucky to have such a caring, compassionate, mentoring, guiding, healing, mother figure in their lives, bestow upon the wonder woman who makes everything run so smoothly a greeting card of great cheer, applause, adulation and undying affection - like any one of those on sale right here!"