Single Cards

For a lot of people, the Thanksgiving holiday can be summed up by the "3 G's" - gathering, gridironing and gobbling. Getting together with treasured and cherished or merely tolerated family members, friends and coworkers; watching a cornucopia of professional and college football action; and chowing down on a steaming smorgasbord of good eats (hopefully cooked up and served out by some of those aforementioned relatives, pals and workmates).

Unfortunately, The Best Card Company can't help out too much with the fun level of those parties and festivities you might attend during the four day celebration of thanks, or the quality of the pigskin action on the field; but, fortunately, we can certainly greatly and tastefully assist you with the chew end of the T-Day revelry, with our Thanksgiving Single Cards collection. Because turkey and trimmings are featured front and center, looking delightful and delicious, on these feast-for-the-eyes, stomach and heart-warming greetings. After all, the first Thanksgiving in 1621 was in honor of a bountiful harvest, so if it's still all about the gobble with you and your buds, relations and colleagues, then ladle or trot them out a heaping helping of turkey card goodness from this terrific and yummy selection of Thanksgiving notecards. A delectable, basted, crispy-skinned, brown turkey and all the trimmings is featured along with autumnal colored red, orange and yellow leaves and berries, along with a "Gobble till you Wobble" saucy portion of spicy captioned sass on one of the cards.

Thanksgiving has become second only to Christmas in terms of commercial and commemorative significance and good eating, so make sure you pluck up and wing out some decidedly delectable Turkey Day greeting cards to be served alongside all the mashed potatoes and gravy, stuffing, yams, string beans, dinner rolls, cranberry sauce and copious quantities of white and dark bird meat. All of your family and friends will devour these hearty, creative, humorous greetings with gusto, for sure!