Assorted Sets

"Thank ""shoe"" for attending and taking part in our wedding? When it comes to the warm, wonderful, decorative Wedding Thank You cards in these Assorted Sets, ab-""sole""-utely!

A wedding is a beautiful, touching and tender ceremony officially and legally uniting a loving couple. But, of course, there's a whole lot more that actually goes into the exchange of marital vows between a bride and groom: engagement announcement and showers, dinners, family meetings, gift registering, bachelor and bachelorette parties, hall and church bookings, bridesmaid and groomsmen selection and dressing, guest invitation mailing, honeymoon reservations, and lots of other last-minute details. And at the end of it, after all the giddy, glorious, heady and heartfelt machinations of getting hitched are over, all the hugs, kisses, dances and speeches completed, it's finally time to earnestly and profoundly express your gratitude to all those beloved friends, relatives, workmates and professionals who made your blissful wedding a truly memorable event. If you ""shoes"" to do so, of course.

With The Best Card Company's Wedding Thank You Assorted Card Sets you can put your best foot forward when it comes to conveying your great gratefulness to one and all. Because on these pretty and handsome missives of sincere thanks and genuine gratitude: fashionable high heels and spike heels are artfully pictured with gorgeous flowers, bows, ribbons and handbags, and creatively paired with black, brown and beige men's formal shoes and loafers to delightfully illustrate the perfect coupling. So, once the gleefulness has died down a bit, your head has stopped spinning and you're happily settling into married life, then be sure to send out your appreciation, adulation and affection to all those lovely people who played such a large and important part in making your wedding such a success."