Jumbo Cards

"Without a large circle of good friends, our lives would be a whole lot smaller. That's why it's so important that we show our support, affection and appreciation for our great friends, just as a matter of course and especially when they happen to be feeling down or blue. And there's no better and bigger way for you and the gang to salute and cheer up a friend than with one of the huge, laughing and loving Giant Friendship Cards in this hilarious and heartfelt collection. Whether that best bud, precious pal or glorious girlfriend is a relative, coworker or school, gym, or book or cooking club mate, they'll be enormously uplifted and beaming a big bright smile upon receiving any one of the gigantic, cute and cheering best wishes greetings in this sensational selection of super-sized missives.

To highlight but a few of the epically warm and wonderfully designed cards in the immense and friendship-invaluable collection: a cute little cat is pegged out in a shoe on a clothesline, a pair of polar bears are pictured hugging it out in the wild, and a dutiful dog is photographed in black and white putting some teeth into the back-up plan for it's fishing buddy boy. There are even ""Shalom"" and ""Salam"" Hebrew and Arabic peace and harmony hello greetings for all of your Jewish and Muslim BFF's, gorgeously illustrated with brilliantly colored geometric and spiral designs.

Friends form the rich fabric of a happy life. So show your and everyone's tremendous applause for fabulous friends, demonstrate epic caring and compassion for their feelings and emotional needs, by selecting and sending them out any one of the massive, marvelous, magnificently good humored and spirited greetings featured here. It'll be a grand, generous and grateful gesture, for sure. Just what fine friends do for each other."