Jumbo Cards

"A bride and groom exchanging their marital vows is an epic event. A pair of betrothed soulmates setting foot down the aisle to join hands and lives together is an awesome occasion. The preliminary engagement is done, the planning, arranging, booking, bachelor and bachelorette parties and rehearsals and registries over. The loving couple is officially and legally married and the true huge celebration can begin - along with the delivery of your immense congratulations. The Best Card Company is there for you to share in and commemorate a special friend's, family member's or coworker's knot-tying bliss and blessedness with any one of the giant Wedding Congratulations cards from this enormously lovely and immensely happy collection.

Love is not only in the air when a pair of lovebirds decide to nest together forever, it's also on one of these spectacular, super-sized congrats cards, where a couple of cute, colorful, starry and spirally-eyed owls are prettily portrayed. And while getting hitched is certainly heartwarming, it's not all blissful lovey-doveys; it's also a time of great trepidation and anxiety, highlighted in clever, joking, calming style on one of these massive missives of both marital mirth and merriment. There are also gorgeous, flower-iced wedding cake charm cards, and a sole and soul-mated fashion footwear greeting, in this stunning and funny selection of oversized notecards.

These glorious, garrulous, gargantuan cardboard displays of affection and appreciation for the formally knotted couple, from you individually or the whole family, gang at work or circle of best buddies and girlfriends, will find a special place in the hearts of the perfect couple, for sure. Ringing fingers and wedding bells, cutting cake and cracking jokes, is all part of the big event; along with conveying mammoth good cheer and ginormous best wishes via epic congratulatory greetings cards fit fantastic for the wedded pair."