Assorted Sets

New Year's is a quiet, contemplative time of the year in which to review and assess one's accomplishments during the past 364 days and carefully and thoughtfully plan for the future … Who are we kidding? New Year's is a time to par-tay! Lots of bubbly, plenty of good cheer and great laughs, noisemakers and confetti galore, and if all goes right at the midnight hour, a chance to make a complete and total fool of yourself (that thankfully nobody will remember).

The Best Card Company captures the boisterous, fun and frolic aspect of the New Year with a couple of Assorted Card Sets: one, featuring beautiful etched chalk greetings festooned with colorful balloons, streamers, flowers and pointy party hats; another, chock-full of all kinds of hilarious cartoons and photos and joke captions, including toilet water slurping yellow dogs, resolution-defying striped cats, and farting New Year babies (to single out but a few of the funny and fabulous missives of mirth and merriment).

But still, not to be totally lost in all of the whoop-de-do of the January 1st New Annum, this vast and varied selection of greetings also includes a pair of card sets of a more subdued and beautiful nature. The "Sands Of Time" ten cards all feature lovely, relaxing, sunny, sandy, surf settings, with the old year pleasantly pictured rolling out as the New Year washes in. And if you have friends, relations or coworkers celebrating the Chinese New Year, there's a collection of colorful note cards for them, as well, showcasing the Year of the Ox in unique, artistic, psychedelic colors and Asian lettering.

Party or ponder? Hey, no need to worry, The Best Card Company has your New Year card-gifting efforts covered from both ends of the end of the year spectrum. All you have to do is match the right greeting up with the right buddy, relative or colleague. It'll be a joyous, celebratory pleasure for both you and them, for sure.