Jumbo Cards

"When somebody special you know has accomplished something hugely important (like winning a competition or award), or is entering into an event of enormous significance (like getting married or divorced), then you need to richly reward them with a giant Congratulations card of epic beauty and big best wishes. Like any of the extra-large, immensely endearing, massively cheering applause greetings in this Congratulations Jumbo Cards collection.

New job, new home, new car, new baby, new husband or wife, graduation, retirement, promotion, engagement, successful surgery … whatever the gigantic occasion, The Best Card Company has the artful, funny and fabulous kudos greetings sized-up perfectly oversized for you and the gang to gift to that high-flying friend, family member or coworker in honor of their tremendous achievement. This grand congratulatory collection includes mammoth missives of mission accomplishment featuring a cute baby giraffe, a sunny surf and sand and champagne scene, a hilarious hound wearing colorful headgear, F'ing incredible bursts of profane delight in honor of brothers and sisters, and classy watercolor birds and engaging handbags - to name but a few.

Winning a game, getting a much-wanted pay raise or much-needed separation, starring in a production or just the role of their lives, learning a new skill or developing an unknown talent, are all big deals that call for gargantuan greeting cards of super Congratulations. And The Best Card Company has got this, for you and yours to give them, in recognition of that special pal, relative or workmate who has succeeded sensationally in some respect in their personal or professional life."