Jumbo Cards

"Beating a drug or alcohol addiction is no easy task. It takes every ounce of determination and willpower the addicted person has. It also takes the encouragement and empathy of the drug addict's or alcoholic's caring and compassionate friends, family members and coworkers. While formal support groups like AA and Narcotics Anonymous go a long way in helping an addict along the road to recovery, personal support, sympathy and cheering from close pals, buds, girlfriends, relatives and workmates is just as important. The Best Card Company has, therefore, created this collection of Recovery Giant Cards so that one and all pulling for that special person as they struggle down the path to a sober life can offer a huge helping of celebratory and congratulatory kudos along the way.

Every second, every minute, every hour, every day of sobriety is a big accomplishment for a recovering drug addict or alcoholic, the journey to clean-living beginning with a single, decisive step to shake an addiction and going from there. That's why the goodwill, getting better one-day-at-a-time greetings in the Recovery Extra-Large Cards selection commemorate ninety day, one year, two year and three year milestones of addiction-free living with bright, beautiful, natural, sunlit stream, lake, meadow and mountain scenes. These oversized greetings are beaming with light and delight, rainbows and sunshine, epically illustrating and illuminating in warm words and wonderful imagery everybody's impressed appreciation and applause for that person who's successfully surmounting their disease for the benefit of themselves, their circle of friends and society as a whole. The grand, good-natured, heartfelt displays of everyone's immense joy and pride will, hopefully, help the recovering addict stay on the sunny path to long-lasting sobriety."