Jumbo Cards

"Have you and your fellow employees ever given your ""employer"" a performance evaluation or review? If she or he is one tremendous boss, why not? Any group of workers lucky enough to labor under a really excellent supervisor, manager, foreperson, team leader, department or section head should surely go to the small effort of rewarding and recognizing their exemplary boss in a big way. Giving them the awesome compliment of one of the extra-large, extremely cheering Boss's Day Giant Cards in this magnificent workplace munificence collection is a great way of doing just that.

The concept of Boss's Day dates back to 1958, envisioned as a way to celebrate an epic employer as well as improve workplace relations. It's a wonderful way for those who have a grand man or woman-in-charge to give back some of the super job satisfaction and motivation that superior bossman or woman provides on a daily basis to their contented subordinates. And while buying lunch or a gift on the big boss's day are ways of showing appreciation, an oversized, kudos-laden greeting card is even more massively marvelous and meaningful, in The Best Card Company's humble opinion.

The oversized missives of boss Boss tribute available for engagement and employment to good ends here feature: beautiful floral displays paying homage to a terrific leader, and happy and humorous colorful balloon letters and workshirts spelling out everybody's huge delight in having such a superlative supervisor in every way. Any one of these mammoth boss salutation cards will get the job done in showing the work gang's enormous applause, adulation and gratitude for one talented, top-notch, top dog."