Bon Voyage

"""Bon Voyage,"" from the French language, literally means ""good journey."" ""Boon"" Voyage, from the World's Cutest Dog's playful and panting parlance, means have a ""doggone good trip!"" And whereas once Bon Voyage normally referred to a lengthy sea voyage, now the happy-go-safely expression can refer to any sort of trip by any type of conveyance such as plane, train, automobile, bus, feet and/or boat. Even a goofy and gleeful getaway where Boo the perfectly adorable Pomeranian in goggles and flying scarf is the pawing the joystick of an aircraft.

If you have a special friend, relative, neighbor or coworker who's about to embark on a big trip, perhaps the journey of a lifetime, then pack them out a colorful, best wishes greeting card to properly propel them on their way. They'll be flying high with happiness, revving up with delight, churning with good cheer upon receiving any of the terrific regular-sized and super-sized laughing launch notecards in this blue sky and blissful Bon Voyage collection. Because it's not just BOO-tiful canine capering captured here, these regular and giant goodbye and good luck greetings also feature enlightened, epic, free-floating balloon messages of jaunt salutations, too.

Taking off for a long time, or just a good time, is a huge deal, deserving of a joyous, funny and fabulous medium-sized or massive cardboard send-off salute. Any of the wonderful and whimsical missives in this Bon Voyage grouping will get your pal's, relation's or colleague's trip off to just the right start. And you'll get humungous thanks for your caring and consideration by return mail or returning person, along with maybe a neat souvenir, we're sure."