Single Cards

"The Best Card Company's Sympathy and Sorry Single Cards allow you and yours to extend sincere condolences or heartfelt apologies to any special friend, relative or coworker who has suffered a significant loss or who you have wronged in some way. It's a difficult time for anyone when they're dealing with the death of somebody special, or the demise of a treasured pet dog or cat, but your extending them a touching, tender, tasteful card of support, encouragement and compassion will help alleviate at least a small portion of the pain they're feeling. It's a gracious, goodwill gesture of love and empathy, conveying your warm thoughts, prayers and best wishes for those who are hurting. And if you owe a big Sorry to somebody special who you've hurt or insulted, there's a cute, colorful and endearing card in this collection that will, hopefully, get you off the hook.

The artful and creative Sympathy and Sorry notecards collected here feature: gorgeous watercolor, transparent and blooming flowers, and lovely floral bouquets enhanced by fluttering butterflies and set against antique newsprint backgrounds; glorious summer and winter and misty forest and woods scenes; spectacular ocean and lakeside sunset vistas; and feeling words of sentiment and apropos biblical quotations. Because the loss of a loved one, be it man, woman, child, dog or cat, calls for a caring response showing that you share in the sorrow of that person who is suffering. The simple, thoughtful gesture on your part will lift at least some of the burden of emotional pain they're feeling during such a devastating time in their lives. "