Jumbo Cards

Is there a bigger party than a New Year Party? Well, maybe your own Birthday party; or, depending upon your political persuasion, perhaps the Democratic or Republican Party. But the point is, New Year's is huge! Deserving of some really epic celebratory greeting cards which you can use to bestow with wow upon all of your special friends, family members and coworkers to help them ring in the New Annum in truly massive merry fashion. Like the immense and amazing note cards in the Best Card Company's New Year Jumbo Cards collection!

The end of the year is prime time for celebration and partying hearty, but also a fine time for review, contemplation and making resolutions. Both those extroverted and introverted, shouting and thinking, sides of the New Year coin are reflected and captured within this card-large selection. From the par-tay perspective, there's a stunning and striking good-time gigantic greeting chalked onto a dark black blackboard and further enlivened with pink, yellow and white balloons, red party hats, and vivid, vibrant, blooming yellow and purple flowers and green vines; while from the reflective perspective, there's a super-sized missive featuring a sunny, sandy, relaxed beach scene, with the sand-scrolled old year washing out as the new one waves in. And there's also an enormous Chinese Calendar New Year card with a psychedelically paint-splattered rat and Chinese lettering on it which sort of hits all sides of the New Year ball, perfect for wishing tremendous good luck and good fortune to all of your pals, relations and workmates of Asian descent.

Whatever way you want to go with your New Year greetings - exuberant, subdued or pan-Pacific - go big! With the big-time collection of mammoth best wishes, good cheer and sweet success for the New Year cards in this gargantuan-shaped grouping.