Single Cards

"Hey, baby, here's looking at - and celebrating - you! If you know a friend, relative or coworker who has just welcomed the arrival of a newborn into the world, whether as mother or father, then be sure to deliver them a big, beautiful, bouncing card of Congratulations and celebration. Sending them a charming and cheering notecard of congrats and best wishes is a wonderful way to show your joy for the happy couple or single at the blessed event, and might just get you out of changing a whole bunch of dirty diapers and doing a whole load of babysitting in the future.

The Best Card Company has your tyke tribute needs covered with this amazing collection of Baby Congratulations Single Cards. Whether the little bundle of delight is a girl or boy, there's a cute, cuddly, caring and celebratory card for the auspicious new human occasion. In this blissful and colorful grouping of greetings, big balloon letters on a blue sky background spell out newborn kudos, mercifully peacefully slumbering baby boys and girls swaddled in knitted headgear and snuggly blankies offer salutations, and pink and blue flowery booties and a clothesline-hung kitten extend joyful good cheer fit for the big birth of a little male or female.

So if you have a cherished pal, relative or workmate who is about to bring forth a new addition to their family, planned or unplanned, ""you"" should plan ahead and get any of these warm and winning Baby Congratulations cards delivered to your door, so that you can then mail, hand or stork them out to Mom and Dad in honor of the new member of their brood."