Single Cards

"They're often the unsung heroes of the workplace, the sometimes behind-the-scenes personnel who ensure that the office and its employees function efficiently and effectively, the staff members who do all kinds of different tasks in order to make everyone's job easier. Their work titles differ depending on the corporate or governmental organization and the exact tasks they're assigned and the staff they're attached to. They're called: executive assistants, personal assistants, secretaries, receptionists and customer service representatives. Their duties may include answering phones, making appointments, booking facilities, interfacing with clients, typing up letters and memos and communicating with outside agencies on behalf of their immediate supervisor or manager. Their efforts form the functioning backbone of any highly organized and well-run work environment. They are Administrative Professionals, and the day to officially recognize and reward their tremendous contributions is the Wednesday of the last full week in April. And besides chocolates, flowers or lunch, one great way of giving them the adulation they deserve and due they're owed is by gifting them a beautiful, kudos-laden greeting card from The Best Card Company's Administrative Professionals Day Single Card collection.

If you and your office have one or more administrative professionals working diligently for the betterment of the firm or government agency, and to make you and all the other employees look better, then make sure you give them the great praise they've earned through all of their hard and varied work by gifting them any one of the applauding gratitude greetings available here. These terrific tribute cards feature: big, bright balloon letters floating in a sunny blue sky and lovely pink flowers formed into a stunning bouquet surrounded by a classic white frame. And every rewarding notecard has even more high-fives written on their insides, as well. So, give a jolt of job satisfaction to a super administrative professional whose devotion to the work cause profits everybody by handing them one of the winning and beaming cards in this congratulatory and celebratory collection."