Single Cards

"A pair of perfect soulmates getting wed and setting out upon married life together is a beautiful thing. A joyous, blissful and blessed occasion befitting of a fine and fabulous greeting card of congratulations on your part, whether the happy newlywed couple are close friends of yours, cherished family members or special coworkers making their love official and legally tying the knot. The Best Card Company has a wonderful and colorful, touching and tender collection of Wedding Congratulations Single Cards for you to choose from and then gift out to the perfect pair who have become a united one in love.

These gorgeous congratulatory and celebratory getting-hitched greeting cards are delightfully decorated with: a delicious and delectable four layer wedding cake featuring flowery icing; a spectacular bouquet of yellow, pink and red roses forming a vivid and vibrant lovely heart; and a cute, kaleidoscopic, spirally owl couple sitting pretty and handsome in the bole of a leafy tree, fluttering out glowing words of love as they do so. Any one of these artful and creative notecards will convey your Wedding Congrats to the blushing bride and smiling groom, the married lovemates, in stunning style.

Walking down the aisle to exchange romantic, spiritual, life-changing loving vows is a beautiful thing. And so, if you have a treasured pal, buddy, girlfriend or relative or workmate who has formally joined hands at the altar in front of everyone, exchanged sacred rings and vows, taken the plunge, stepped across the threshold, then you should convey your congratulations to the wedded pair with a glorious greeting card of marital good cheer and best wishes selected from the grouping showcased right here. It'll find a home in their hearts, for sure."