Single Cards

"There can be a lot of different reasons for offering up hearty, heartfelt and hilarious Congratulations to a special achieving friend, family member or coworker: new job, new home, new baby, promotion, wedding, sealing a big deal, winning a competition or award, shaking an addiction, saving a life, etc, etc … And because there are so many opportunities to proffer your impressed kudos to an accomplished pal, relative or workmate, The Best Card Company has assembled a truly impressive and creative collection of Congrats Single greeting cards for you to choose from and then bestow upon that cheer-worthy bud, relation or colleague you know.

Big, beautiful, appreciative and appealing Congratulations cards are available here for you to send out laudatory best wishes to somebody who has done something especially praise-worthy. Funky giraffes, funny ladies, memorable mermaids, fabulous flowers, cute dogs, fantastic fantasy houses, watercolor birds and gorgeous winter forest paths adorned with uplifting biblical quotes are all featured in fine, plaudit style on the marvelously winning notecards in this selection. Just as there are a hundred and one reasons for wishing an amazing individual or team of people Congratulations, so too are there many ways for you and the gang to extend your applause and adulation in stirring and humorous cardboard form, courtesy of The Best Card Company. And if you'd like to really boost the already pumped-up ego of that top dog or recent divorcee, there's even a boisterous, blue-lettered F*#@ing awesome greeting bursting with best wishes.

New car, plastic surgery, successful end of a spiritual journey or hiking trip, engagement, retirement, same-sex marriage … you name it. Whatever the rationale for conveying your celebratory pat-on-the back to a treasured, tried and tested, truly incredible person, The Best Card Company has the standing ovation greeting cards for you to extol to them in honor of their specific greatness."