Assorted Sets

"There's no denying the loving, snuggly, warm and fuzzy loyalty and affection a dog or cat has for their human companion. Well, maybe some people might question that sometimes aloof pussycat's motives, but … whatever. The point is, just as kittens and puppies greatly miss their two-legged friends when those petting and feeding persons even briefly exit their kitty and doggy lives, so too do you enormously miss any cherished friend, family member or coworker who temporarily vacates your life. That's why these magnificent Miss You Assorted Sets of Cards cleverly and cutely pair charming, wistful and anxious canines and felines with your wonderful, tender and touching ""thinking of you"" feelings for that important buddy, girlfriend, relative or workmate who is away from you for the time being.

Show your true love and appreciation for any treasured pal, relation or colleague who you're greatly missing by gifting them any one of the marvelous Miss You greetings in these ten card collections. The notecards are sweet and funny and furry, the reflected emotions deep and meaningful. Whether it's a precious sibling or luscious lover who's absence has you feeling lonely, the humorous, colorful, huggable pictures of baby beagles and basset hounds, tiny tabbies and Persians, and the exuberant and witty wording attached to the adorably lonesome critters, will bring a tear to the eye, tug at the heartstrings and ting the funny bone of that awesome someone who you miss so much and wish so strongly was back at your side. And it won't matter if your favorite cousin, neighbor, associate, uncle, aunt, BFF, classmate or chosen soulmate is a dog or cat lover or not, because these hilarious, heartfelt and cuddlesome Miss You greeting cards will definitely move them - hopefully, a whole lot closer to you and yours again."