Jumbo Cards

"Go big, or go back to bed. That's the huge, humorous, encouraging and uplifting Get Well message featured in fine style and extra-large imagery and verbiage on these Feel Better Soon Jumbo Cards. Because sending somebody sick a massive missive of humungous cheer can be just the overdose of best wishes they need to beat their illness and get out of bed and back on their feet.

It's always painful to see a treasured friend or cherished family member or much-beloved coworker suffering with a medical condition like heart disease, a broken limb or the coronavius (COVID-19) flu. Hopefully, it's only temporary, and they'll soon be a big part of your personal or professional life again like they were before they became laid up. Since you and all those others greatly concerned about the well-being of a pal, relative or workmate aren't doctors or nurses, there's little you can do from a medicinal perspective to help the physical healing process. But because you all have that special person who's feeling down in your hearts, minds and prayers, and everyone wants to do ""something"" for them … why not pleasurably prescribe them an enormous psychological boost, a mammoth mental tonic, by giving them a heartfelt, hilarious note of giant good cheer as embodied on these marvelous, ginormous, beaming and smiling greetings?

The Get Well Jumbo Cards collection is epic in size and overloaded with beautiful and boisterous pictures and words. These gargantuan get better soon greetings feature: funny black cats in cones, colorful blue sky balloon letters, fantastic flowers and heart-shaped floral arrangements, a gift-bearing wooly white llama, and even Spanish language cards appropriate for those of Hispanic heritage who are having a difficult time and could use a horking healthy dose of delight. These oversized goodwill and glad tidings greeting cards may not be able to make the lame walk and heal the sick, but they do an incredible job of demonstrating your concern, compassion, caring and cheering, to help speed up anybody's recovery. "