Single Cards

Know any pint-sized or full-sized pagans who celebrate Halloween on October 31st with all the fervor of zealots? How about friends, relatives, coworkers and neighborhood kiddies who spend a bushelful of Fall time decorating their homes in scary designs and their bodies in spooky attire? We all know such big and little scare-seekers, right? We all have pals, family members, workmates and local tykes who eat up All Hallows' Eve like a pack of zombies devour brains at a Mensa meeting.

Well, those wicked chill-junkies are deserving of a Halloween card that recognizes and rewards their feverish fervor for all things trick and treat and boo related. The Best Card Company rolls out the All Hallows' Eve welcome mat with this collection of ghastly, ghoulish and gorgeous greetings. In bright, vivid, seasonal blacks, oranges, yellows and purples, a cat cavorts with a flower-filled skull, a crafted owl haunts a starry night sky, jack o' lanterns get costumed up in stunning steampunk attire, bats and spiders and witches and dead fingers and wrapped candies are strung out on lines, and a lovely fairy casts a magical spell of delight and maybe some fright.

Halloween has grown from a door-to-door kiddy candy hunt to a hugely eerie and ethereal extravaganza for normally-not-evil adults. And here The Best Card Company meets the devilish demand for both the childish high spirits with ladybug and smiling pumpkin cards, along with the full-grown adult obsession for wickedness with the aforementioned cardboard creations - to satisfy everybody's All Hallows' Eve excitement. Because, hey, we don't want our corporate home egged or toilet-papered either.