Jumbo Cards

"Great charm, huge talent, massive preparation and enormous intelligence can only get you so far. A humungous helping of Good Luck is needed and required for anyone to succeed at anything they try. And the confidence-boosting, ego-enlarging, ginormous Good Luck sentiments and wishes don't come any more epic than as encapsulated and illustrated in The Best Card Company's Good Luck Jumbo Cards collection.

Striving to achieve something special like landing a better job or getting a big raise/promotion or passing a tough test requires skill, yes, but luck, as well. And moving into a new home, getting married, taking possession of a beautiful bouncing baby girl or boy, or going in for surgery requires courage and resolve, but luck, also. All the great challenges in life which successfully lead to long-term reward and accomplishment are built upon some modicum of luck. So, if some special friend, family member or coworker is about to embark on a tremendous trip, launch a grand new career, settle into the deserving divorced life, get their gall bladder removed or face lifted, then make sure all of you - the gang, their buddies, their workmates - send them a mammoth cardboard measure of Good Luck with a wonderful, well-meaning missive of good fortune from this selection of go get 'em salutes. The awesome display of encouragement and support will buck up any pal, relation or colleague who could use an immense shot of confidence before they embark upon something potentially difficult but ultimately beneficial. A giant, blue sky, balloon lettered, colorful Good Luck greeting card is extremely uplifting, offers a big pat-on-the-back, to all those deserving of success from all those who care about their well-being and hope for their betterment."