Single Cards

"Bon Voyage is a French term which means ""good journey."" Bon Voyage in greeting card terms is a great way to wish somebody setting off on a trip good luck, goodbye and have a good time. The Best Card Company speaks your cheerful launching language and helps you pay happy take-off tribute to that special traveler with their Bon Voyage Single Cards collection.

Taking a trip, whether it's a family vacation or a work-related extended outing, is exciting. Once the preliminary planning and bookings are done the anticipation of great times, tasty food, new and unique experiences, fun shopping and big deals builds and builds. And you can personally (with The Best Card Company's card-side assistance) add to a friend's, family member's or coworker's adventurous delight by sending them a beautiful and boisterous Bon Voyage card before they depart like any of the awesome greetings in this soaring, high-spirited selection.

Whether the lucky traveler is setting sail, stepping onto a plane or train, putting pedal to the metal in their own car, or striking out in a pair of sturdy hiking boots, any one of these beautiful, beguiling, blue sky Bon Voyage notecards will get their terrific trip off on just the right foot, propeller, wing and/or four tires. Because featured in this waving, wagging and ""Have a wonderful time!"" grouping are colorful, cheering, sky-high balloon salutations and cute, charming, warm and fuzzy Boo the World's Cutest Dog wistful and furry goodbye gestures.

Picking and packing up and sending off one of these boisterous and garrulous greetings to a special bud, relative or workmate embarking on a voyage will be met with universal joy by one and all. So, don't let somebody important to you, personally or professionally, go away on their grand jaunt without first launching a laughing and loving Bon Voyage missive their way. It'll set their wheels, flaps, rubber and limbs in motion with even more merriment, mirth and fine feeling, for sure."