Single Cards

"Moving into a new home is always a time of great excitement and no small measure of anxiety, as someone shifts locations and abodes hopefully for the better. Whether their new digs are an apartment, a condo, a townhouse, a duplex, a co-op, a cabin, a bungalow, a split-level, a two-storey or three-storey house, or a mansion, it's a big property and (home) lifestyle move on their part, one full of anticipation and fraught with some fear. You, however, can concentrate solely on the celebratory selling points of a special family member, friend or coworker moving into a new home by letting them take delighted possession of a wonderful, well-built New Home Congratulations card from The Best Card Company.

As good as any housewarming gift, and a whole lot cheaper and easier to shop for, the New Home Congrats Single Cards in this creative and well-constructed collection seal the deal in terms of sending out your happy thoughts and huge three cheers for that lucky scene-shifter as they unpack their belongings in their new and improved dwelling. Big, colorful, high-flying balloon letters, set against a bright blue sky background, proclaim your open house on applauding kudos and best wishes for that pal, buddy, girlfriend, relative or workmate who's pulling the old domestic domicile switcheroo for the betterment of their home life. Home sweet New Home greeting card, indeed! These missives of moving merriment are fit for hanging on the wall or mounting on the mantelpiece of anyone's new pad, flat, flop, side-by-side, cottage, houseboat, housing unit or estate."