Jumbo Cards

"The arrival of a new child is a big, huge, horking and storking deal. Deserving of some enormous Baby Congratulations from you and all the rest of the greatly cheering and applauding crowd of friends, family members and coworkers who are close to the proud parents. All of Mom's epic pain, suffering and crying has come to an end with the miracle of childbirth, and now the real wailing, whining and soiling begins, with the newborn; along with all of the loving good times and life-changing joyfulness of raising an infant into adulthood. Capture the bliss of birth and the blessedness of the miraculous event with any of the extra-large, extra-wonderful congrats cards available for bestowing baby kudos available in this cute, colorful, well-wishing collection of oversized greetings.

In this superb selection of super-sized Baby Congratulations notecards, bright balloon letters float high in blue skies to emulate the soaring emotions and uplifted spirits engendered by the bouncing babe's birth, and an adorable little kitty hangs out on a pegged clothesline above a daisy-filled field to string along your best wishes accompanying a new baby announcement. Because bringing a newborn into the world, creating or expanding a family, is a massive event worthy of immensely clever and charming cardboard congrats.

Whatever the sweet little girl or boy's weight and length, their number of toes and fingers, these mammoth missives of applause and adulation will be welcomed into the hands and arms of the proud new parents, for sure. It's the gift of great Baby Congratulations greeting cards from caring buds, relations and workmates delivered to exhausted but exhilarated Mother and Father on the grand occasion of the birth of their bundle of joy."