Good Luck

"Good Luck greeting cards can be used for many different events, occasions and ventures - a friend starting a new job; a family member setting out on an epic trip; a coworker taking a big test or interviewing for a new and improved position; someone special you know going in for surgery; an old flame or BFF getting married; a former neighbor moving into a new home or moving out to a new city; a valued colleague entering the leisure-filled alternate world of retirement; a recent successful academic graduate taking the first steps into the real world; a happy couple welcoming a new baby into their lives before all the screaming begins. The scenarios for wishing someone the best of luck are virtually limitless, and that's why the Good Luck Single and Jumbo Cards in this cheering, charming and colorful collection can be happily and appropriately utilized for all of the above and more. With their bright, blue sky backgrounds and huge, high-flying balloon letters, these regular and oversized notecards deliver your positive best wishes and poignant good vibes in beautiful, buoyant, boisterous, epic style and design.

So, if you have a son, daughter, niece or nephew going off to college or on a European vacation, a pal entering the hospital, a workmate leaving town on an important business assignment, and you and everyone else involved wants to give them a cardboard boost of confidence, a feel-good paper pat on the back and/or bum, then scope out, scoop up and send them a happy-go-lucky greeting from this garrulous, all the best grouping. They might not actually need any luck at all, because they're so well-prepared for whatever task, journey, procedure or lifestyle change lies ahead, but it never hurts and always buoys their feelings to let them know you're in their corner and thinking about them, that your thoughts, prayers and cheering go with them."