Assorted Sets

"Educational success, graduation from school, college or an academy, is a two-way process between student and teacher. Good pupils and great instructors are both required for ultimate academic satisfaction. That's why this Assorted Card Sets classy and classroom-centered collection from The Best Card Company includes Happy Graduation, Thank You Teacher and Thank You From Teacher great notecards.

Graduation Congratulations good cheer greetings to reward the scholastic star are available in ten card sets featuring: cute little colorful fish; gorgeous and creative word-filled mortarboards spelling out ego-boosting phrases like ""SUPER"" and ""GREAT JOB;"" and jubilant lions, bears, monkeys and kangaroos cruising around in confetti-strewn classic limousines. Thank You Teacher gracious gratitude sentiments are artfully designed and executed with colored pencil ends, fluttering butterflies and blooming flowers, and beautiful purple and violet irises, on sale for graciously gifting to that special educator in 10 card collections. And that fortunate teacher, professor or instructor who was lucky enough to have a class full of eager and enlightened learners can thank them with kudos-laden missives bearing beautiful chalkboard and flower pictures and engrossing antique parchment maps.

Accomplished lower and higher education is a covenant between learner and lecturer, graduation a celebration of knowledge-based winning for both sides. If you have a son, daughter, wife, husband, partner, niece, nephew, friend, neighbor, classmate or workmate who's graduating from high school, university or the academy, then be sure to bestow upon them any one of the fine, funny, feel-good celebratory cards from these groupings. And if you were a student or parent of a pupil who was gifted with a super teacher, or an educator endowed with a terrific group of young adults, then express your tremendous gratefulness and warm well wishes with any of the artful and amazing Thanks cards contained in these varied, vibrant and very lovely selections."