"Administrative professionals play a hugely important role in the overall efficient and effective functioning of any office. Whether they're executive assistants, personal assistants, receptionists, customer service representatives or secretaries, they are the crucial support staff that no workplace or worksite can do without. Their job may include typing and distributing letters and memos, arranging and facilitating meetings, booking appointments, making travel and lunch and dinner plans, interfacing with clients and attending to a multitude of other daily tasks that are as equally important. Their wonderful work efforts often go unnoticed and underappreciated, but it's only with their tremendous support that the office hums along at maximum efficiency.

The Best Card Company enables one and all to fully recognize and reward these key employees in an extra-large and extremely appreciative manner with the Administrative Professionals Day Giant Cards collection. Administrative Professionals Day officially falls on the Wednesday of the last full week in April, and the entire admiring staff will be properly prepared to pay appropriately epic homage to these dedicated, devoted, multi-tasking employees with any one of the colorful, cheering, oversized gratitude and kudos greetings in this beaming bright and beautiful selection. Featured on these super employee success cards are: a gorgeous bouquet of pink flowers pictured within a lovely white frame and enormous balloon letters of applause and adulation floating heaven-high in a sunny blue sky. Any administrative professional or support staffer of any job description or title will delight in receiving one of these humungously positive performance reviews in cardboard form which happily and enthusiastically notecard all of the fine work they accomplish."