Grandparent's Day

"Grandparent's Day occurs on the first Sunday after Labor Day, in September. It's a day to honor and celebrate grandparents and the important and impressive roles they play in families and society at large. Because, let's be honest, grandparents are wonderful! They do so much and ask for so little in return, whether it's babysitting, house-sitting, dog-sitting, baking, cooking, cleaning, hosting meals and reunions, giving great advice and the occasional monetary loan, going for walks and drives and engaging in other fun activities, or just being there to provide loving, kindly, selfless support to their grandkids and Mom and Dad, sons and daughters. Have you ever heard a bad word said about grandparents? Or course not, they're the best!

Grandparent's Day is a chance for the whole family and countless generations to send best wishes and good cheer to those special, older people who do so much for everybody in the entire family and beyond. Don't take their caring, compassion, experience, intelligence, wisdom and good humor for granted, because, let's also be honest, gramps and gramma aren't getting any younger. That's why one and all blessed with the best grandparents in the world should be sure to send them a gorgeous, goodwill Grandparent's Day greeting card on their special day of commemoration, recognition and reward. Whether you and the brood call them baba, meemaw, oma, granddaddy, opa, granpaw, nana, papa or whatever, don't let another Grandparent's Day go by without placing the precious pair on the pedestal they deserve and have earned, whether they're blood relatives or in-laws, by gifting them a beautiful and meaningful notecard of appreciation and adulation."