Assorted Sets

Kids have always loved Halloween, celebrated on October 31st, with the dressing up and trick or treating and free candy hand-outs and all. And lately, for some scare-obsessed adults, All Hallows' Eve has become even bigger than Christmas. You know those people - the ones who spend countless hours decorating their homes and yards in horror, put even more time and effort into fashioning the perfectly ghastly personal costume, and who devilishly delight in organizing and/or attending spooky parties. Well, for those Halloween haunted little and big people, those pint-sized and full-sized friends, relatives, coworkers and neighbors of yours who have let All Hallows' Eve go to their gourds, they are deserving of a wicked and wonderful Halloween greeting card that recognizes and rewards their chilling and eerie fascination. And The Best Card Company's Halloween Assorted Card Sets are just the cardboard treats that will turn the trick for those ethereally-obsessed, candy-gobbling goblin pals, family members, workmates and next-door neighbors of yours.

Each card set in this spine-tingling and soul-charming collection features the vivid orange, purple, yellow, black and green colors of the scariest night of the year, along with classic horrific Halloween icons like bats, jack o' lanterns, spiders, witches, wizards, devils, black cats and white ghosts. There are even sweet candycorn cards and stunning steampunk pumpkin greetings. In other vaporous words, there's something for every ghoulfriend, rancid relation, cadaverous colleague and pickled punk on your Halloween card list.

The Fall season in which Halloween … falls is also on creative and crafty display on some of these otherwise fiendishly creepy cards, as well. With beautiful, stylish sunflower and vegetable arrangements and a plethora of pale, piled-up pumpkins. It's a terrible and terrific cornucopia of scream seasonal greetings, in other words, sure to properly enthrall all those fear aficionados you know, small and tall, who just can't get enough spirited Halloween celebration.