Thanksgiving is a national holiday celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November in the United States (the second Monday of October in Canada). It began as a day where people gave thanks for the blessing of the harvest. The first Thanksgiving is believed to have taken place in October, 1621, when Pilgrims celebrated a bountiful harvest with the Native Americans who had helped them make it through the previous winter. It was formally proclaimed for all US states in 1863 by Abraham Lincoln. And it has, of course, morphed into a four-day extravaganza of gorging on food, feasting on football and willingly and unwillingly mixing with family members and distant relations that you - Thankfully - only see once or twice a year.

The Best Card Company's Thanksgiving Assorted Sets & Single Cards collection contains a cornucopia of tasty and terrific cardboard treats for you to warmly and happily dish out to all of your relatives, friends and coworkers in honor of the Fall festivities. All of the symbols of the chowing, chewing the fat and tossing the pigskin occasion are covered in artful, autumnal colors on these glorious greeting cards, including: red, orange and yellow leaves; delicious, golden-brown turkeys with all the trimmings; sweet and savory pumpkin pies; rich, steamy, delectable cups of hot chocolate; and ripened apples, nuts, berries and corn. A saucy portion of spicy sass is handcrafted, as well, with a "Gobble till you Wobble" entreaty.

Thanksgiving has become second only to Christmas in terms of commercial and commemorative significance, so make sure you pluck up and wing out some "Eat, Drink and Be Thankful" greeting cards; to be served up alongside all the mashed potatoes and gravy, stuffing, yams, string beans, dinner rolls, cranberry sauce and copious quantities of white and dark bird meat. All of your relations, pals and workmates will devour these hearty, creative, colorful and humorous greetings with gusto, for sure!