Single Cards

"If you have a friend or family member who has gotten a new job, then make sure you employ the New Job Congratulations Single Cards collection constructed by the industrious folks at The Best Card Company in order to properly celebrate that person's new work position with them. And if it happens to be one of your own colleagues who's moving on up or out, or a new hire coming into your company or government department, then also be sure to offer them up the good cheer and best wishes utilized to warm and wonderful effect by the congratulatory greetings on sale here for your and their benefit.

Whether a pal, girlfriend, BFF, buddy or relative is beginning their career with their very first employment deployment, or the brand-new or former associate is entering into a new phase of their career path, any new job brings with it new challenges, new opportunities, new pay scale and new people. It's a very exciting and slightly nerve-wracking time in the new jobber's employed life, in other words, a meaningful change from past work habits. An important event that merits happy celebration and pat-on-the-back ego-boosting from you to them.

The single cards in this superlative selection proffer both praise and confidence-bolstering predictions of great results. Featuring big, bright, bold, colorful balloon letters spelling out sensational applause and kudos, set against a blue sky background, outside and inside, these uplifting congratulatory and celebratory greetings work perfect for that high-flying executive, hard-charging skilled tradesperson, talented sales associate, dedicated health or hospitality worker, or eager first-time successful job market crasher. Consider your assignment of employment congratulations accomplished, with a little help from the crafty and creative crew at The Best Card Company, when you deploy these joyful and jubilant greeting cards."