Jumbo Cards

"Home is where the heart is. And you and the gang at work, within the family, or in that wide circle of friends can show your hugely heartfelt best wishes and good cheer for a coworker, relative or bud who's moving into a new home by graciously and goodheartedly gifting them a New Home Congratulations Giant Card. That excited and apprehensive special person who's relocating their belongings and their body to a new apartment, condo, house or castle will greatly appreciate the grand gesture of king-sized celebratory congrats with all of their heart, for sure.

Featuring big, bright, bold, colorful balloon letters flying high against a beautiful blue sky background, the ""Congrats On Your New Home From All Of Us"" ginormous greeting delivers an epic card-load of cheering, applause, adulation and brilliant back-slapping. The creatively constructed, well-built, super-sized missive of moving merriment is perfect for one and all to pick out and pack up to the treasured pal, relation or workmate who's taking the immense step of changing living locations. Be it a new townhouse, split-level, side-by-side, bungalow, mansion, houseboat, nursing home or assisted living facility, the humungously hearty home congratulations card does everything to make the property-switcher feel good about their venture into new abode territory. A great housewarming gift, it also saves everyone from the extra labor of actually helping that terrific and cherished someone physically move. Despite its extra-large shape and massively hearty sentiments, the sensational home sweet new home greeting card is really quite easy to lift, envelope, send out and unpack on the other end."