Single Cards

"Easter is a joyous time, both from a religious and secular perspective. While not a federal holiday in the United States, Good Friday is recognized as a national holiday in Canada and many other countries. For practicing Christians, Easter is a holy holiday commemorating the crucifixion of Jesus Christ (Good Friday) and celebrating the son of God's subsequent resurrection from the dead (Easter Sunday). The religious festival in March and April includes Lent, a forty day period of fasting, prayer, and penance. Christians believe that the Savior died for the sins of humanity and that his resurrection enables their own salvation.

Whether you and your friends, family members and coworkers celebrate a Happy Easter from a mainly spiritual or secular basis, or a combination of both, the giving of great greeting cards is one joyful and traditional aspect of the holiday (along with the fun egg hunt and all that yummy chocolate and delicious food, as well). The Best Card Company's sensational and humorous Easter Single Cards collection perfectly and happily meets your card-gifting needs from both a devout and less-denominational perspective. In this wonderful and hilarious, funny and furry, selection of greetings: a funky rabbit is pictured darlingly decked out in a flowery necklace; a tie-clad and high-collared white bunny is portrayed sitting in a fine china teacup surrounded by stunningly beautiful flowers, buds, vines and leaves, with punny witty words on the inside of the charming card; and a gold cross is reverentially displayed dressed with glorious flowers, fronds and sprigs, set against a scripture-worded background, contained within a gorgeous green scroll frame"