Assorted Sets

"Easter is a Christian festival and holiday in March and April that commemorates and celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead three days after the son of God was crucified by Roman authorities circa 30 AD. Good Friday (the day Jesus was crucified) and Easter Sunday (the day he rose from the dead) are preceded by Lent, a forty day period of fasting, prayer, and penance. Christians believe that Christ died for the sins of humanity and that his resurrection enables their own resurrection and salvation. The earliest observance of Easter dates back to the 2nd century. While not a federal holiday in the United States, Good Friday is recognized as a national holiday in Canada and many other countries. Easter is also a secular commercial event, as well, celebrating all things chocolate and candy-related delivered by the Easter Bunny such as eggs, bars and peeps. Dyeing, painting and decorating chicken eggs in bright colors has both religious and recreational significance.

Along with all of the religious traditions and church-related activities, Easter events include hiding and hunting for eggs, exchanging greeting cards and gifts, and feasting on fine foods with family and friends. The Best Card Company has your Easter greeting card-giving needs met in fabulous, furry, feathery and funny style with the Easter Assorted Sets of Cards collection. These ten design/twenty notecard Happy Easter greetings groupings feature: colorful rabbits in fancy regalia playing musical instruments like drums, violins and horns; cute yellow chicks cavorting in vintage cars and flowery wagons, with sprightly gnomes and elves; and adorable bunnies sitting on beautiful antique chairs and in pretty and precious china cups, amongst lovely, gorgeously blooming floral bouquets."