Single Cards

"Anniversaries are wonderful occasions to celebrate the love between two people, marking the date when a pair got married or came together as a couple, or even when they had their first kiss or date. Time flies when you're together having fun, but it's important to pause and commemorate the specific date that two becoming a loving one, whether it's the happy couple doing it, or a relative, friend, coworker or group of people honoring the pair of confirmed lovebirds on the awesome occasion of their Anniversary.

The concept of celebrating wedding anniversaries dates back hundreds of years, while the various gems, metals and gifts associated with each Anniversary dates to the 20th century. But a great greeting card of Anniversary celebration has always been in order - and ""on order"" from The Best Card Company. Whether it's a milestone 1st, 5th, 10th, 20th, 30th, 40th, 50th or even a 60th Anniversary, or any calendar period of your choosing to happily and joyfully mark the time you and your spouse, partner, boyfriend or girlfriend have been together, we have your card-gifting needs covered with this lovely and laughing collection. Colorful and charming birds, dogs, cats, elephants, ladybugs, hedgehogs, raccoons and giraffes are all featured in creative style to extend your fine feelings to your special someone. And, of course, there's also gorgeous and glittering goodtime greetings chockfull of cake, flowers, rainbows, balloons, blue skies and shining pearls, topaz, diamonds, emeralds, rubies and gold to paper party hearty in honor of First, Fifth, Tenth, Twentieth, Thirtieth, Fortieth, Fiftieth and Sixtieth Anniversaries of blessed paired bliss.

Because a wedding or relationship anniversary is one of the most important events on the couples calendar, you don't want to miss it or be caught short without an appropriate greeting card with which to expressly and exuberantly mark it. You need have no worries about catching a frying pan or a rolling pin upside the head, or being subjected to the resentful silent treatment, when you take notice and advantage of this splendid and varied selection of A-Day notecards. You can show your true love just how much you love and appreciate them and the ties than bind you together as a cherished couple with any one of these marvelous missives. "