Single Cards

"Valentine's Day isn't ""all"" about hearts, cupids, candy, chocolate, teddy bears, hugs, kisses, romantic dinners and lovey-dovey, heartfelt and humorous greeting cards. Just ""mostly."" In fact, the origins of St. Valentine's Day date all the way back to a Roman pagan spring festival of fertility in the days Before Christ, the execution of one or two Christian saints named Valentine on February 14th in the 3rd century, and the official establishment of Saint Valentine's Day by the Catholic Church in the 5th century to honor those martyred saints. And from those less-than-romantic early beginnings, through the efforts of English poets like Geoffrey Chaucer and playwrights like William Shakespeare, V-Day began to take its final form as the one-day festival of true and unrequited love that almost everyone in a lot of countries all over the world celebrate today.

Using The Best Card Company's Valentine's Day Single Cards collection, you can continue and build on the sweet and sentimental traditions of V-Day by selecting and sending out any one of these colorful, charming, appealing, artsy heartsy and hilarious greeting cards. Love is fully and beautifully on display on the wonderful, winning notecards featuring bunches and bouquets of blooming flowers, heart-entwining animals, shining rainbows, hugging polar bears, and Boo the World's Cutest Dog looking utterly loveably adorable. And if you and your special someone like a little playfulness with your passion, there are funny and punny gnome and green olive greetings and cutesy-wutsey, hysterical hedgehog and ladybug missives of merriment and touching and tender mirth. And don't forget to show your affection for Mom, Dad, a treasured friend or a cherished coworker using one of these gorgeous and garrulous feel-good, goodwill greeting cards. "