Single Cards

"Patricia Bays Haroski was working as a secretary for her father in Deerfield, Illinois, when she registered ""National Boss's Day"" with the United States Chamber of Commerce in 1958. Four years later, the governor of the state officially proclaimed Boss's Day as an occasion to show appreciation for a great boss and improve managerial-employee relationships. Boss's Day falls annually on or around October 16th. And if you and your fellow employees are lucky enough to be blessed with a superior supervisor, an awesome administrator, a terrific team leader, a fantastic foreperson or one heck of a head honcho, then you and the work gang should make it a part of your job duties to single out and salute that magnificent manager on Boss's Day. May we suggest with one of the great cheer and riveting rah-rah greetings from The Best Card Company's Boss's Day Single Cards collection?

A skilled, talented and caring bossman or woman can really make going to work a pleasure, provide tremendous motivation to all personnel, and improve everybody's employment performance. Laboring under a terrible boss is both a personal and professional killjoy; but whistling while you work for an excellent, exemplary plant manager, shift supervisor or department head, whether in a private business or government agency setting, translates into enormous job satisfaction. So, remember to recognize and reward that fine boss on their special day with a complimentary cheering card featuring: a lovely floral design, blue sky balloon letters or a checked workshirt with a humorous and honoring nametag. Because keeping a wonderful labor leader happy, proud and satisfied with the incredible work they're doing is good for everyone involved on-the-job."