Assorted Sets

"Just as there are a wide variety of occasions, situations and events for which you want to gather your good friends, fine family members and chummy coworkers together, so too should there be a vast array of Invitational cards with which to invite those special people to the goodtime get-together, and help you organize the celebratory wing-ding or shindig. That's where The Best Card Company has you and your super social activities entirely covered, right here, in this place home to an amazing and appealing selection of Invitation Assorted Sets greeting cards.

What's your and the gang's party pleasure? What fun festivities require ample attendance? Bridal shower, wedding, family reunion, baby shower, holiday party, anniversary party, 4th of July barbeque, neighborhood backyard cookout, dinner soiree, birthday blast, house warming, class reunion, bachelor or bachelorette blowout, engagement celebration, Thanksgiving gathering, Christmas feast, debutante ball, graduation grouping, retirement send-off? We could go on and on. And you have the wonderful, whimsical and joyful ten and twelve card sets to support all of your social functions in superb Invitational style courtesy of The Best Card Company.

These awesome and inviting notecards are decorated with cheerful, charming pictures of: colorful and artful unicorns, beautiful baby balloon animals, raucous red white and blue patriotic and funny wording, jolly chefs loaded with luscious food and delicious wine, cute snuggly cats and adorable slumbering babies, delightfully fashionable shoes - to name but a few. There's a lovely, laughing, compelling Invite missive of every kind for any occasion, all eye-catchingly constructed to virtually guarantee that the lucky invited person will reply with a resounding and enthusiastic ""Yes!"" to the card and their attendance at your chosen event. Because the more the merrier, right?"