Single Cards

"People are working harder than ever these days. The idea of retiring from the workforce, setting down the pen, hammer or office-supplied smartphone and punching out for the last time is becoming more and more a distant, elusive dream … for most of us laboring to make ends meet. But what if someone you know at work, or a friend or family member, has actually successfully reached the Promised Land of Retirement, has really saved up enough money to officially chuck their work routine and cap off their career path? Well then … those lucky, laughing, life of leisure-bound people deserve a happy, joyful, lovely, humorous Retirement Congratulations card in recognition of their truly awesome accomplishment.

Now, whether that retiring coworker, colleague, workmate, pal or relative has anything planned for their retirement is another thing; they'll have all the time in the world to deal with that delightful issue. Your thing is to reward that incredible retiree with a warm-hearted, good-natured, funny and fantastic notecard of congratulatory and celebratory kudos in honor of their reaching the end of their work life and transitioning to the lifestyle of the retired. And the colorful, cheerful, clever and hilarious greeting cards on display here get the job done for you, and them. Featuring, as they do: pretty blooming flowers and delectably decorated cakes, big beautiful balloon letters, an inspiring horse and unicorn, and hysterical partying and punning gnomes and llamas.

Yes, by all means, treat that retiring buddy, girlfriend, relation or former fellow toiler to dinner in honor of their escaping the land of the lunch bucket brigade and leaving you behind. But also show your hearty appreciation and applause for their carefully planned exit from the workforce, and how greatly you're going to miss them in the office, plant, factory, shop, restaurant or at the jobsite, by jealously and joyously gifting them the going-away present of one of these glorious and garrulous ""Happy Retirement"" greeting cards. Wish we were there!"