Assorted Sets

"Your fellow employees, colleagues and workmates form part of your second family - the office, workplace, jobsite family; as opposed to the domestic family you have at home. The head of your employment-setting family is The Boss, your manager, supervisor, foreperson, team leader, department head. And just as a wonderful patriarch or matriarch makes for a happy and sound home family life, so too does a great Boss make for a contented and well-functioning workplace. It all starts at the top. Having a terrific Boss to report to can make going to work a real pleasure rather than a royal pain. A really great Boss ensures that the job is done efficiently and effectively, while always keeping an eye out and a door open for the benefit of their staff, in order to ensure a high level of employee morale and job satisfaction.

As any HR department will tell you, however, awesome bosses don't just grow on org charts. There are a lot of bad top corporate and government dogs out there in the workplace exhibiting very few people skills and even less concern for the well-being of the staff they supervise. So, if you and the work gang are lucky enough to have a truly top-notch Boss, a cell, department, crew, section or company leader who has epic interpersonal skills as well as a talent for getting things done, who makes it his or her job priority to look out for their team, then all of you should recognize and reward the wonderful woman or man with a cheering applause card like the ones in these Thank You Boss Assorted Card sets.

These boss Boss adulation greetings are small in stature but big in beautiful, boosting, boasting kudos. The ten card designs feature bright colors, boisterous thumbs-up, shiny trophies and lots of confetti to honor of one heck of a Bossman or Bosslady. Because it always pays to get on the good side of a great Boss, just from a wage and career trajectory perspective alone. So don't be shy about raising a salute and promoting the compliments when it comes to your and your work family's terrific leader."