New Home

"The grass is always greener on the other side of the property fence. So, when some fine friend, favorite family member or wonderful workmate makes the leap (over the fence) and moves into a new home, they deserve to be rewarded for their home-life-altering decision with a great greeting card of new adobe adulation and applause like the ones in The Best Card Company's New Home Congratulations Single and Jumbo Cards collection. These beautiful, kudos-laden, celebratory missives house plenty of good cheer and best wishes, and may well end up on the mantelpiece in that new and improved dwelling place of the lucky homeowner.

Any of these colorful, creatively constructed notecards, whether regular size or oversized, will act as tremendous housewarming gifts for that special pal, buddy, girlfriend, relative or coworker who's on the move, packed up and shipped out with warm thoughts and feelings by you or the whole gang down at the office, plant, family pool or circle of friends. And whether that digs-shifting special someone has found their own personal property heaven, their unique slice of domicile delight, in an apartment, condo, cottage, townhouse, duplex or a bungalow, split-level or three-storey house makes no difference, because these versatile, large and extra-large greetings apply to all changes of address, no matter what the structure.

Big, bold balloon letters set against a bright blue-sky background spell out your, and one and all's, laudatory message of epic accommodation approval. There's no place like home, after all, and no better home than a new one. So, close the deal and sign the cardboard papers on the excitement and exhilaration of securing and settling into a new home by picking and parceling out any one of these well-built, hugely happy homeowner greeting cards."