Jumbo Cards

"Retiring from the workforce is a big, huge deal in anyone's professional and personal life. Just getting to the job jumping-off point takes years of careful planning, preparation and saving. And whether a retiree exiting the rat race and entering the land of leisure has a whole lot of hobbies planned to keep themselves occupied, or intends to travel extensively, or is content to decompress from the demands of the workaday world for the foreseeable future, is up to them. They've got all the time in the world to do what they want now that they no longer have to report to the office, store, restaurant, jobsite, plant or factory, after all. What you and the gang down at work or within the family or neighborhood should plan to do, however, is give the lucky, laughing retiree an epic send-off by gifting them one of the Happy Retirement Giant Cards from this oversized and exuberant collection.

While nobody is absolutely indispensable when it comes to getting the job done, everyone is going to immensely miss that special person who helps to make work more of a pleasure than a pain, and, therefore, an extra-large greeting card of enormous best wishes is a great way to say goodbye to a treasured colleague or collaborator. And even if you don't directly toil with the remarkable retiree, but just know them personally, any of the massive missives of Retirement Congratulations featured here will deliver your celebratory good cheer in grand style.

These marvelous, mammoth Retirement cards are decorated with colorful blooming flowers and witty words, lovely and luscious cakes, funny and punny gnomes and llamas, and uplifting balloons and inspired unicorns. Everybody will succeed in making the jubilant retiree feel even more joyful about their life-altering decision to cap off their career, pull the plug on their professional life, set down the tools of earning a living, by offering them one of these charming, captivating, super-sized, cardboard slips of laughing and loving layoff."