Assorted Sets

"Receiving a fine and funny greeting card out-of-the-blue can really pick a person up, put a smile on their face and a song in their heart. It's both the touching thoughtfulness of the gesture and the creative good humor of the greeting itself. It's a welcome bit of love and levity in anyone's life, sure to be embraced and applauded. And that's where you and The Best Card Company come in - you making the magnanimous and magnificent gesture, The Best Card Company making the wonderful and witty greeting cards with which you can brighten someone special's day and life.

In this amazing Assorted Card Sets grouping you'll find every kind of greeting you'll ever need to extend your Friendship, say Thank You, Get Well and Congratulations, and wish Happy Birthday to a cherished family member, friend or coworker. Small in size, but massive in selection, these distinctively designed and creatively constructed missives of mirth, merriment and mutual appreciation come in ten, twelve and twenty card lots, square-top and not. Artful, appealing and in some cases downright hilarious, the Assorted Card Sets available include: funky animals, sassy and sensational dames, gorgeous florals and landscapes, cartoon comic jokes, and vibrant, vivid and vivacious yoga cats. To single out but a few of the Blank, Gratitude, B-Day, Feel Better, Congrats and Best Wishes notecards in this immense and impressive gathering of good time and good cheer greetings.

So, go ahead and add some color and delight to your pals', relations' and workmates' day, life and party by scooping up some of the beautifully designed and humorously pictured and wittily worded Assorted Card Sets from this diverse, darling and devastatingly funny collection. And feel free to add your own personal notes inside of the magnificent notecards, if you so choose. You'll be delivering some much-needed and appreciated unexpected joy to those you hold dear."