Assorted Sets

"Boss's Day is celebrated on or around October 16th. It was first formally proclaimed by Illinois Governor Otto Kerner in 1964, and is seen as a way to show appreciation for a great boss and improve relations between managers and their employees at the same time. If you and your fellow workers are lucky enough to have an excellent supervisor, foreperson or department head, then make it part of your job duties to recognize and reward that superlative superior at least once a year. A smart, talented, skilled team leader who is well-organized and efficient makes the entire workplace more effective and the everybody's work more purposeful; and if that awesome bossman or lady has strong interpersonal skills, really cares about their staff as a whole and each worker individually, well then, consider your place of business or government branch especially blessed. And make sure that terrific executive, plant manager, section head or shift supervisor does not go unheralded.

The Best Card Company has just the right cards to get the boss Boss adulation, applause and great gratitude job done with the Assorted Sets of cheering gratefulness greetings on sale here. In one sensational batch of spirited kudos cards a forest of enthusiastic ""thumbs-up"" are featured, along with bright, colorful stripes and exuberant showers of confetti; while on another grouping of boss bolstering notecards, glorious crowned trophies emblazoned with ""#1"" shine forth in honor of the best boss to work under or alongside. Any of the complimentary, goodwill, great job greeting cards from these amazing Assorted Sets will have that super head honcho smiling and beaming with pride and satisfaction, and will help to ensure that they continue to be motivated to put in a superlative effort towards making the workplace or jobsite a great place for you to put in your hours."