Single Cards

"Getting engaged means that a couple is formally announcing their intention to get legally married, for better or for worse. It means that their social registry and social media status moves from informal girlfriend and boyfriend to formalized fiancées. The period of engagement, before the actual wedding takes place, normally lasts from twelve to eighteen months, and it's during this time that rings are exchanged, parties are thrown, long-standing blood feuds are finally settled, double-barreled shotguns are oiled, loaded and cocked, dowries are discussed and divvied up, gifts are registered, gowns and suits and wedding party members are selected, halls, churches, bands and honeymoons are booked, and - most importantly in honor of the epic romantic occasion - greetings cards are given out to the lucky lovebirds.

The Best Card Company's Engagement Single Cards collection is bursting with beautiful, blooming flowers and blue sky, balloon-lettered joyous and cheering best wishes sentiments. The future bride and groom (assuming they make it all the way to the church or civic altar) will be truly touched and delighted when you gift them a creative, charming and engaging greeting from this celebratory and congratulatory selection. Raucous and risqué bachelor and bachelorette parties are one thing, part of the time-honored happy and hedonistic process of a pair of lovers becoming husband and wife, but you can keep your enthusiasm and kudos clean and classy by sending the special man and woman, man and man, or woman and woman, one of the artful and amazing notecards featured here. Because the beguiled betrothed deserve giddy and gleeful applause for their public declaration of future knot-tying, in the form of a lovely and laudatory, tasteful and exulting greeting card. "