Jumbo Cards

"While The Best Card Company can't ""quite"" match the excitement and exhilaration surrounding a big trip/vacation, we - and you - can come close with the spectacular, high spirited, blue sky, giant Bon Voyage greeting cards in this epically constructed collection. You'll add to the wonderful, soaring emotions of any cherished friend, family member or colleague about to set off on a big personal or work-related adventure when you pack them up and shoot them out one of the extra-large, enormously exuberant and hilarious cards in this marvelous selection of super send-off salutations.

The Best Card Company's Bon Voyage Giant Cards grouping is perfectly primed, pictured and pooched to get someone off on their joyful journey in big, fine style and soaring, laughing splendor. Boo, the World's Cutest Dog, appears on a pair of gigantic greetings, decked out in aviator goggles and flying scarf and adorably waving goodbye with a little fuzzy paw; while colorful, massively inflated balloon letters spell out everybody's good trip great wishes for the happy wanderer on another tremendous and mammoth take-off missive.

Taking an extended vacation, jaunting off on a long-term business assignment, or legging it out on a one-thousand mile journey that begins with a single step is cause for celebration even before the epic adventure begins; deserving of a ginormous, garrulous, good feelings greeting card from you and the gang to those lucky travelers about to set forth. They'll appreciate your cardboard itinerary of thoughtfulness, consideration and kind wishes. And you just might get a worthwhile souvenir out of the whole big deal when they finally make it back again safely. "