Jumbo Cards

"Having a great Boss makes a great, big difference in the workplace, in terms of employee morale and job satisfaction. While you may not actually lay down your life for the wonderful work leader, you should at least recognize and reward that awesome supervisor, manager, department head or foreperson with a huge greeting card of immense gratitude - such as the epic Boss Thank You cards in this oversized cardboard collection. Because working for the money is one thing, but being employed by a caring, considerate, complimentary and clever Boss helps get the job done in fine and happy style for everyone.

A truly terrific Boss can make work an exciting challenge rather than a mundane chore, a real pleasure as opposed to a royal pain, make getting up in the morning and punching in at the jobsite, office, warehouse, plant or factory worthwhile. A Boss who handles business, corporate, company or departmental matters efficiently and effectively, while still making the time for staff interpersonal issues, taking care of the concerns and needs of those under them, is a top dog to be treasured, and thanked. The mammoth cheering, congratulatory and gratefulness greetings in this massive selection are bursting with beautiful roses and sailing sky-high with colorful balloons. They'll do a fabulous and fantastic job in exhibiting everyone's genuine enthusiasm and sincere thankfulness for having such a grand Bossman or Bosslady.

So, don't take a tremendous Boss for granted. Give them the superlative kudos they earned on the job for doing such superior professional and personnel work into their supervisory position. Show the great woman or man in charge some ginormous love with one of the giant Boss Thank You cards featured here for exemplary workplace employment."