Single Cards

"Father's Day is celebrated annually in the United States and Canada on the third Sunday of June. Activities honoring fathers and fatherhood include: fishing, camping, grilling, sports, sock and tie gifting, lunching and suppering, golfing, and the giving of great greeting cards to an awesome Pop, Papa, Pater, Pere, Padre or whatever you call good ol' Dad.

The first known Father's Day event in the US took place at a Sunday Service in Fairmont, West Virginia on July 5th, 1908, after the worst mining accident in US history killed 360 men and boys and left over a thousand children in the community and surrounding areas fatherless. But it was Sonora Smart Dodd who really established Father's Day as an annual event through her efforts in Spokane, Washington circa 1910. It wasn't until 1972, however, that President Richard Nixon finally signed a law proclaiming that Father's Day be officially commemorated on the third Sunday in June.

Whether you're a grateful daughter, son, grandson or granddaughter, or loving wife or proud parent who admires the way Pop has raised his family, there's a card of Papa appreciation and adulation for you to affectionately bestow upon Dad in The Best Card Company's Father's Day Single Cards collection. This varied selection of lovely, laughing and touching notecards humor and honor the superlative patriarch of the family who is and has been such a tremendous leader, mentor, counselor, teacher, medicine man, advisor, lender, supporter, contributor, coach and hero. These heartfelt and hilarious greetings celebrate all things Big Daddy, using stunning neon fish, funky chickens, playful kittens and puppies, hysterical steampunk cats, and caped crusader imagery, along with witty and punny words of Pa applause in both English and Spanish. Your Top Pop will be beaming and smiling with deserved delight when you glad-hand the wise and wonderful man any one of these joyful and jokey greeting cards which convey your true and lasting love for one incredible father."