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"The official and legal union of two perfectly matched soulmates is a hugely joyous event. The marvelously meshed pair have heartfully bared their romantic soles, stepped down the aisle, toed each other of their undying commitment, and ringed one another's digits in grand loving fashion. All of the enormous, time-honored events that surround the epic exchange of vows - like the engagement announcement and showers, the family meetings and dinners, the wedding party selections and rehearsals, the gift registering and hall and church and honeymoon bookings, the flower and photography arrangements, the reception dancing and speechifying - are done, to the ultimate big success of the beautiful marital occasion. Only one task remains, and behooves the happy couple to do some of the legwork on: thanking all those beloved friends, family members and coworkers who so immensely helped in making the marriage preparations run smoothly and relatively worry-free, and/or went to the time, trouble and expense of attending the wedding ceremony and giving a special gift. The Best Card Company has just the Wedding Thank You Jumbo Cards for getting that newlywed gratitude job done with the greatest of ease, but in giant style and fashion.

All those treasured relations, buds, girlfriends and workmates ped-aled out this mammoth, garrulous, goodwill gratefulness card will be walking tall with delight, strolling around with their heads held super-high. Because the high-stepping, high-spirited, sole-ful oversized missive of thanks features a well-matched fancy feminine pair of high heels and a polished male formal shoe on the front, and some funny, punny words and a brilliant gold and black border on the inside. The tremendous wedding-related gratitude is fitted up just right here to kick out three cheers to all those involved in making the memorable marital event even better."